FSMA Preventive Controls: Las Vegas

Thursday, April 26, 2018

8 AM to 1 PM

  • Instructor: Dr. Brian Nummer is a food safety specialist and experienced food safety trainer. He is a Lead Instructor for the FSPCA course. He has attended two FSPCA Lead trainer workshops and was an FSPCA curriculum reviewer. Dr Nummer has over 25 years experience including application and implementation experience. He is engaging and NOT BORING!! This workshop requests participants have already completed a HACCP course and have knowledge of good manufacturing practices.
FSMA is now mandating that at least one person in a food company that has human food global sales > $1 million be a Preventive Controls "qualified individual". Those same companies have 1 year to update their HACCP plans to FSMA Preventative Controls Plans. This workshop is an in-person training that results in an FSPCA "Qualified Individual" attendance certificate for Human Foods. 
The Workshop (2.5 days)
Multimedia materials provided before the workshop: FSPCA manual 524 pps, sample food safety plans, FDA video link 45 min discussing regulations, Review of learning objectives for Chapters 1-7 of the FSPCA curriculum - cheat sheet and more. 
Day 1: 8 am - 1 pm
Day 2: 8 am - 1 pm
Day 3: 8 am - 1 pm
Agenda: Review and summarize FSPCA Modules 1-6. Drill down into the FSPCA model curriculum into the new FSMA Preventaive Controls Food Safety system and how it enhances HACCP. Workshop time will be spent on walking through the new FSMA enhanced Hazard Analyses and discussing new FSMA Preventative Controls: Allergens, Sanitation, Supply, and Recall (Traceability). A discussion over FSMA regulations rounds out the program. 
Printed notes and limited snacks and beverages will be provided. Lunch is on your own.
Venue: The venue will be a larger conference room location within Las Vegas inside the 3 Square Food Bank facility. 
Who should attend? Each food manufacturer should have at least one "Preventive Controls Qualified Individual" leading their food safety system. Each food manufacturer location should have at least one "Preventative Controls Qualified Individual" leading their onsite food safety system. Supply chain professionals and food auditors should also attend this training to understand what their suppliers are mandated under the new FSMA rules. Food Safety and Quality Professionals, Maintenance-Production Supervisors and Leads, Sanitation Supervisors, Plant Managers, Training Supervisors, Lead Technicians, Packaging Supervisors and Managers, or Regulatory Personnel are encouraged to attend. Each supervisor expected to sign off (verify) food safety data should be "Qualified Individuals". Verification supervisors of CCPs MUST be FSMA QI certiifed.

Q: Does FSMA REQUIRE this training? 
A: YES; There is a knowlege/training mandate in FSMA leading to a "Qualified Individual". All food manufacturers with gross sales over 1 million dollars must be FSMA PC compliant.

Q: How does HACCP fit in? 
A: The new FSMA builds on HACCP. Most food safety professionals have taken HACCP. This material is summarized to verify understanding. It will also be supported via digital materials including the FSPCA manual, FDA video, PDF cheat sheets, and more. --ALL FSPCA materials are covered as required to earn their attendance certifcate. If you have never taken HACCP, please let Dr. Nummer know in advance.
Q: Cancellation Policy? 
A: You may cancel and receive a full refund 7 days before the event. If less than 7 days or if travel or circumstances beyond your control prevent you from attendance, we will permit you to attend a later workshop at no additional cost.
Q: When do I get my attendance certificate? 
A: In most cases the certificate of attendance is issued by IFPTI (working with FSPCA) at the conclusion of the workshop. If not immediately issued it should arrive by email link within a week of the course.


The RFSC and Dr. Nummer will provide the FSPCA training in a manner that earns participants an FSPCA attendance certificate. The in-person course-workshop offered by Dr. Nummer provides materials, advice, opinions, discussion as a learning opportunity only. That information is not endorsed, reviewed, or approved by the FSPCA nor the FDA. The FSPCA curriculum is recognized by the FDA (they participated in its creation). The complete FSPCA curriculum, in the manner they endorse, is communicated solely in their course manual (textbook) provided to all participants. The course provides a foundation for knowledge and understanding that will make an individual more capable of creating and implementing a FSMA food safety system. By registering - you agree to hold Dr Nummer (RFSC) liable for no more than the cost of this course.
As always consult legal advice or contact the FDA directly for compliance interpretations.